Kickass light painting

Don't know how I've never heard of light painting before this week. I'm not a photography nerd in any sense, so I still don't fully understand the concept. Something to do with exposure, nighttime, lens magnification, film saturation, visual qualitantification....now I'm just making up words. But it doesn't even matter. I know kickass art, and this relatively new art form is amazing and kind of wondrous.

One artist I'm really loving is Trevor Williams. Check out his work here and some of his pieces below.

Need to explain this from the get go - I have huge obsessions.

And right now my main addiction is the show Community - and Donald Glover. He's the actor who plays Troy in Community, which is one of the sharpest, wittiest shows on tv right now. Seriously, I've watched every episode at least twice in the past month.

And my obsession with Donald Glover is almost bigger. Not only does he act, but he writes for 30 Rock (another favorite) and, oh yeah, has a little ontheside rap career. Under the moniker Childish Gambino, he throws out references refs like Ariel Pink and e.e. cummings in the latest EP he dropped earlier this month, Freaks and Geeks. I have to admit, I didn't get on the Gambino train until this song because his previous work was pretty rough. I'm loving him now, though, and if you haven't seen his Freaks and Geeks video you should get on that and watch it here.


Trustworthiness of Beards

How trustworthy are you, bearded man? Hmm let me consult my handy scale....

Anyone with the slightest appreciation for a good beard joke needs to check out this great scale from over at Geekologie. I now know the difference between a dangerous beard and an unsavory one. Booyah.

Apparently Tube Dueling is a Reality Now

claim token: D6S92BD4GPWT

Just discovered someone made a secret dream of mine come true without telling me: Because what the world was missing was a safe haven for people who just want to gather on the wknd and whack each other with cardboard tubes. Thank da lawd for awesome people.
Too bad the UN disapproves.  :)


Birth of an awesome blog

I've been wanting to try my hand at blogging for a while now. It wasn't until tonight, when I came across this gorgeous time-lapse video by photographer Terje Sorgjerd, that excitement outweighed the terror and I decided I would give this a shot.

So we'll so how this goes!